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Coke popart painting on canvas Coke popart painting on canvas Brand pop art coke painting Coca cola bottle cap popart painting on canvas image Coke pop art painting on canvas

"Coca Cola" - abstract painting

20x24 inches 1.3 inches deep
508x610mm 32mm deep Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas
Varnished & Finished around the Sides
Ready to Hang in your home

Pop art, literally as in this country (UK) we often describe fizzy soda as pop! This painting is perfect for your kitchen or dining space and will certainly invite comment. Pop art often reflects everyday modern brands and this is about as big a brand as you can get, one that dominated the 20th Century and became a symbol of americanism across the world. Painted in meticulous detail this image of a Coke bottle cap has a huge WOW factor and is perfect for anyone wishing to make a statement with a fantastic piece of vivid art.

One of my favourite styles the Popart movement proved to be one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century. It was inspired by popular culture, hence the word pop. It aimed to reflect the realities of every day life by blurring the divide between high art and low art. Media and advertising were favourite subjects for Pop Art's witty celebrations of consumer society.

I use the highest quality materials for all my works, they will last and bring joy forever.

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