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The Turner Prize

It's the Turner Prize and not a painting in sight!

The media were all over the Turner Prize once again, more irrelevant art self publicising itself. The prize is awarded each year to 'a British artist under fifty for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the twelve months preceding'.... Well that rules me out! This is your chance to discover what's new in British art now - goes the publicity - well actually it's not that because to most artists and people it's just a way of achieving publicity through controversy, and to me it's the worst manifestation of elitist art, and completely irrelevant to normal people leading real lives.

Past entrants & prize winners have included:

A sound artist for an installation that featured her singing three versions of a Scottish lament.... yeah I'd really like some old bint in my lounge bleating away all day.
An artist who uses make-up and soil to create sculptures - no I don't wish to have a pile of soil decorated with makeup in my house thanks.
Installations inspired by concrete trees... I prefer real trees!
Portrayal's of construction sites using video screens.... I have a tv with more intersting content on it
Damien Hurst's formaldehyde cows ... can't see that working in my house.
Tracey Emins unmade bed.... the best thing about this is that two Chinese students went in & made the bed for them!
A pile of bricks... can buy them at B&Q.
Someone switching a light on and off... we can all do that!
Paintings made from elephant dung.... give me strength!

And the 2014 winner is......Dublin-born film artist Duncan Campbell for a video that reflects on African art and includes a dance sequence inspired by Karl Marx. The jury described the winning film "It for Others" as "an ambitious and complex film which rewards repeated viewing". To translate it needs repeated viewing because it's not very good and let's face it Karl Marx was never renowned for his dance moves!

Past winners:

2010 - Susan Phllipsz - Sound Installation
2011 - Martin Boyce - Installation
2012 - Elizabeth Price - A video
2013 - Laure Prouvost - Installation, Collage, Film
2014 - Duncan Campbell - A video

For a prize to that names itself after one of our most talented painters I continue to be disappointed with the content and results, perhaps next year will be different.... but I doubt it.

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