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floral painting floral painting

Spring has Sprung

The first warm days of spring bring out the blossom in the trees, a special time of year marking the end of darker winter days. I've been continuing to explore the theme of spring and my studio as a result has been full of blossom, really quite cheery. From the stark brown and black of winter in the hedgerows an explosion of white occurs early in the season and looks wonderful set against a deep blue sky. A few weeks later the leaves begin to appear and a flush of green is introduced to the palette.

floral painting floral painting

I've also been experimenting with different background colours and it would seem that this style works with most tones. Here the blossom is set against brown and red and both work equally well.

Painted in abstract style, built up in numerous layers, these pieces of art will bring some spring colour and light into your living space with real style and will remind you of how wonderful this season is, even if the weather can be a little challenging at times. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you would like to specify a size or colour combination for your own commissioned blossom and bring a real wow factor to your interior design.

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