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great wave japanese painting

The Great Wave of Kanagawa

A fantastic image by the Japanese artist Hokusai. Originally created as a woodblock print sometime between 1830 & 1833. Part of his series Thirty six views of Mount Fuji, it's one of the most recognised images in Japanese art, and considered iconic in western culture. Something I've always admired and having got into it's soul whilst painting it I can appreciate the brilliance of Hokusai.

Working on a canvas 52x36 inches with a small paint brush, remaining faithful to the original design, it took a long time to complete, over 4 weeks, but I have to say I'm very happy with the finished results and I hope you'll agree it was worth the effort. It does look stunning, An original Hokusai print of this sold recently in at Bonhams for £75,650... You'll be pleased to know I'm not asking quite that much :0)

Great wave art
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