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Starting an Art Collection

So you want to start and art collection. You have a new apartment, a new home, or a newly painted wall and it needs decoration. You've passed the phase in life where your walls are covered in posters of inspirational quotes and iconic stars. You are ready to start collecting art, but you have no clue how to start. It's actually less daunting than it sounds.

Always start with what you like, be it a theme, a colour, a style, or a particular artist. The internet is a great place view art and get an idea of what kind of art you really like. Pinterest can help you create a board with all the different styles you are interested in and you will quickly hone in on what kind of art you're into.

You should always stick to original art. Prints and reroductions mostly won't keep your interest over a longer period of time, after all you are going to be looking at your art for some considerable time. Original art is unique, no one else will have and it will feel like it was made for you. Buying original art is about choosing a piece you love and find meaning in it whereas picking up reprints is about decorating a white space. Buy art because you want to look at it, not because you don't want to look at the wall!

Find pieces within your price range, but make sure your love of the piece comes before the cost. Collecting art is not just for people with million dollar salaries and an affinity for Damien Hirst. Original art is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Start slow and small, paintings that cost £100 are equally as interesting and meaningful at those that cost £1000's.

Building your collection is a reflection of who you are, and just like you took time to grow, your art collection will too. It won't take you long to begin a well-rounded collection, that reflects your individuality, that you and your friends can enjoy and admire.

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