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"Summer Rhythm" - abstract painting

12x24 inches 1.1 inches deep
305mmx610mm 28mm deep Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas
Varnished & Finished around the Sides
Ready to Hang in your home

An abstract painting which reminds me of the colour and rhythm of summer. A bright optimistic work in Jackson Pollock action art style. Full of expression these bright primary colours with contrasting darker tones remind me of summer storms, flowers, blue skies and dappled shade. The technique looks random and easy to achieve, however these take quite a bit of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers, while keeping control over the tonal quality. A stunning work of abstract art for any home and a painting which will light up a room with a huge wow factor.


All works are carefully packaged and dispatched within 24 hours. To purchase this painting click on the add to cart button to pay via the Paypal network or payment can also be made via bank transfer email me for more information

Care for your painting

I use high quality canvas, paint and materials for my works which ensures they are stable and will maintain their colour and vibrancy for many decades. Acrylic paint is robust and my paintings are always given at least 2 coats of varnish. This not only protects the painting but also enhances the colour and depth. To clean the painting you can use a damp cloth and a little soapy water, gently clean, It will do no harm to the painting. If you get a dent in the canvas by leaning it against an object.... it happens, then the easiest way to tighten it is to spray some water on the back and let it dry, this will re-stretch the canvas over the stretcher bars as it dries. For large dents you may have to repeat.

Hanging your painting

I always D-Ring and cord the back of my finished paintings so they are ready to hang using a picture hook. My personal recommendation would be to place one or two nails or screws into the wall, depending on the wall type and size of painting, and rest the top stretcher bar (wooden frame) on these. This way the painting will hang flat to the wall rather than leaning out, as it will tend to do if using the cord.

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