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Photography and Art

Simon Fairless Photography

Photography and Art go hand in hand for me. I am equally as happy in the natural world with my camera as I am in the studio in front of my easel with a paint brush. I very often use my photography for inspiration in my paintings and having an artists view helps me see things others might miss or not have appreciated.

I see natural beauty everywhere from the smallest raindrop or a shaft of light to sweeping landscapes, capturing them and sharing gives me great pleasure.

Simon Fairless Photography

London Images

Simon Fairless Photography Simon Fairless Photography London's ever changing urban environment, it's landmarks, hidden corners, impressive architecture mixing old and new always hold my attention. I will never get tired of shooting images of this wonderful world city and sharing them with you.

As well as being inspired by well known landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Parliament I also look for hidden corners and angles giving a different perspective on London's famous views and buildings.

Simon Fairless Photography
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