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A Gallery of Commissioned Art

Commissioning a painting is a great way to create art that's particularly special for you. You may have seen a piece of art you like and wish to create something special to suit you individual living space. It might be a photograph, a special view or an interior design style which inspires you.

The process is simple and it costs no more than buying an existing work. Just send me an email or give me a call and we'll begin the process of discussing your ideas. If you have any images great... if not that's no problem I try to make the whole process easy for you and I'm always happy to help. Below are some examples of how I have created commissioned art for clients to suit their needs.

London Paintings

"Framed London Print"

Client had seen my prints of the london skyline with "LONDON" on the bottom ans wanted something slightly smaller for their space without the text. Happy to oblige. I'll be making this part of my print offering very soon.,.

London Skyline print

"Purple Blossom"
36x40 inches

Commissiond for a home in New York the client purchased the blue blossom to compliment an existing work and then commissioned the purple blossom to hang in the same space. These should look stunning when in place.

Large floral art

"First Blossom" - 150x100cm

My clients saw a similar work of mine in a country house hotel in the Cotswolds, a previous commission as a centre piece for a wedding venue. They loved it and decided to commission a similar work to bring some fresh spring blossom to their London Home.

spring floral art
Large floral painting
spring blossom art

"Atlantic Shore"
16x16 inches

Waves come crashing into a beach on an Atlantic shore. Commissioned as a graduation gift. A pleasure to create this seascape this as I used to live by the sea and it reminded me of the hours I spent staring at the waves. I can almost hear their sound looking at this. Full of light and movement.

Seascape art
Graduation gift

"Red Tulips"
12x12 inches

Beautiful red tulips commissioned as a 25th anniversary gift sent to Melbourne, Australia. Floral paintings make lovely gifts for anniversaries and other similar occasions, and of course they will last forever.

Floral art
Anniversary flowers gift

"Spring Magnolia"

The beautiful Magnolia which lights up late winter / early spring. Commissioned for a hallway. Iget my inspiration for these from the Savill Garden which has many magnificient magnolias, which I look forward to seeing in March every year.

Floral art
Flower Painting


A wonderful London citscape showing the major buildings and landmarks in the London cityscape. For this one I added in a few new buildings and church spires, including the Can of Ham building. These certainly are impressive, and I love creating them.

London Skyline art
London cityscape art

"Abstract Heart No's: 14 & 15"
12x12 inches

Commissioned as family gifts. Longer lasting than flowers and better for you than chocolates, these will give style and sophistication and last forever as a memory of Happy times. Every home should have a heart in it.

Abstract Hearts Painting
Hearts art
Abstract Hearts Painting
Seascape Paintings Seascape Paintings
Seascape Paintings Seascape Paintings

"Winter Regatta"
46x12 inches - painted onto 9mm mdf panel

A client who had purchased an artwork some years ago came back to me and asked for a large seascape painting based on one of my works that had been sold. Always happy to do this, each is unique and personal as you get to choose the size shape and colour tones. Painted onto an mdf board with battons on the back to raise it away from the wall for a floating effect. This went all the way to California, USA.

"Breaking Waves II-IV"

Three framed seascape images from my wave series. Client ordered these 20 inches wide for their home near the sea on the south coast, framed with ArtGlass for clarity and presented in a matt black aluminium frame.

"Pictures safely received - many thanks. They are lovely and will be perfect in our seaside flat. Mounts and frames just right..... and your packaging is an artwork in itself!"

Seascape images

"Maillot Jaune"
12x6 inches

Commissioned as an 18th Birthday gift. A cycling painting of Le Tour De France with the Yellow Jersey leading the Peloton.

Cycling art on canvas
cycling art art

"The Greatest Adventure"

Working from an image the client took of a smaller painting they saw while travelling I was asked to create something similar in style for their dark grey wall. A gift to themselves for their wedding, hence the title, suggested by the client. Vibrant without being garish and an artwork that will pop was my brief.

Commissioned abstract art
abstract art
abstract painting

"Happy Days I-VI"
6 framed abstract paintings
acrylic paint on mountboard

Six original framed individual abstract paintings commissioned by the client as an end of school gift for teachers at her daughters school. Such a beautiful thoughtful gift and a little different to the usual offerings I'm sure. Would love to see their reaction. The message to go with these.... "Thank you for all you taught me it will be with me forever"

abstract paintings

"Casting Candy Nets II"
12x12 inches

A pink mixed media artwork with lots of texture. Bright and fun, a piece to light up a small space. Commissioned as a birthday gift, the gift of original art.

Commissioned art
pink abstract art
pink abstract painting

"Friendship Hearts" - 46x30 inches
"Bucks Fizz" - 24x24 inches"

These works were commissioned by a client in Saint Louis, USA. They had seen some similarly styled artworks by me and wanted these in a particular size to fit their individual space..... happy to oblige.

Large friendship painting
Bucks fizz painting

"First Blossom"
Large Floral artwork
48x36 inches

A large bright floral painting in light blue, white and cream. This represents that time of year when the first blossom appears in the hedgerows and brings spring cheer to us all. The client had seen a smaller work and wanted something similar in style as a centrepiece for their interior. This one went to New York, USA.

Large floral painting
Large abstract floral painting

60x24 inches

A Large abstract painting commissioned for a lounge wall. Rich hues and colourful light with beautiful texture in this large work.

Commissioned art
Large abstract art
large abstract painting

"Oxford Circus"
24x24 inches
acrylic paint on canvas

I was asked to recreate a London Underground painting of Oxford Circus as a 21st Birthday gift. Their son is a ballet dancer in the West End and misses the London scene. I love this style, London popart and iconic pieces which perfectly capture the London feeling.

A message from the Client: "The painting has arrived - WE LOVE IT - and we’re sure Louis will too. It looks better in real life than on your web site. - Thank you so much."

London pop art

"Wine with Friends"
26x26 inches
acrylic paint on canvas

I was asked to scale up a previous work to produce this wonderful celebration of fun and socialilising. Despite of covid-19 restrictions I was fortunately still able to ship it to Belgium on time. We look forward to the times when we will be able to celebrate like this in reality. I the meantime my client has a wonderful piece of art, individually chosen to brighten her home space.

abstract art wine painting

"Cornwall and New Zealand flags"
Pop Art flag paintings

I created these for a Cornishman who has emigrated to New Zealand. Great to fly the flag especially with such style. Hang these individually or in a group some pop art style with a smattering of Jackson Pollock abstract. Happy to create some flags for you individually just let me know which nation you are interested in.

Cornish flag painting
New Zealand Flag painting
New Zealand Flag painting

"Elemental I-III"
3 canvases each 18x18 inches
acrylic paint on canvas

I was asked by a client in California to create an artwork in three pieces (a triptych), based on one of my previous works. It was to hang vertical down a wall and as the client wanted the flexibility to alternate the red and the blue I created this so that it can be hung with either the red or the blue on top. To do this I had to ensure that it was blended correctly between the colours. Also I signed it on the back only. I guess if they wanted they could display it sideways too. Very pleased with the end result, as is the client.

large abstract art

"Abstract Heart"
Framed Limited Edition Prints

Eight individual Limited Edition Abstract Heart Prints. Created from an original artwork these prints were commissioned by the client as an end of year gift for teachers at her daughters school. Such a beautiful thoughtful gift and a little different to the usual offerings I'm sure. Would love to see their reaction.

Heart Print teacher gift
Heart Print teacher gift

"Vice Regal"
8x8 inches acrylic paint on board

A small seascape commissioned and titled by the client in Canada after a boat owned by their Dad. I was asked to create a larger piece based on a previous work. Remaining faithful to the original colours and style it was framed in a simple wooden frame painted matt black. Having spent much time by the sea myself especially growing up in Cornwall I loved creating this and am happy it is in a home also appreciative of the sea.

seascape art

"London with Lincoln's Inn"
36x40 inches acrylic & ink on canvas

A commissioned London Painting. The client asked me to create a painting which included some of the buildings in Lincoln's Inn, London for their buiding in New Square. I added these new places in one corner so that they could be cut out digitally and enhanced with Christmas trees and ribbons for use as this years corporate Christmas card. The trees were printed with gold foil to enhance the look. They were very happy with the results.

tandem cycling art
London Christmas card

"Made for Two"
40x20 inches acrylic on canvas

A personalised cycling painting, commissioned as a gift for two people who love to ride their tandem in the English countryside. Two people riding their tandem set on a wonderful abstract background and some personalised additions, including 2 cats one dog and a helicopter!

tandem cycling art
tandem bike painting

"Rocky James"
12x16 inches acrylic on canvas

"Purple Hearts"
18x26 inches acrylic on canvas

Two paintings for a 60th birthday celebration. Working from a photo image a photorealistic portrait painting of a swashbuckling grandchild and a painting of purple hearts, her favourite colour, with words chosen by the family. Happy Birthday Grandma.

Portrait Painting
Painting of Hearts

"Spring Meadow"
36x24 inches acrylic on canvas

A painting of wonderful spring flowers commissioned for a home in Cornwall. I was pleased to be asked to create this as I spent most of my childhood in Cornwall so it was easy for me to remember the beautiful Cornish hedgerows and fields. For this one I created an abundance of spring flowers filling a field with natures beautiful display.

A little more loose than my usual style I love the random nature of this piece.

Spring landscape painting
Painting of Flowers

"Friendship Hearts"
18x26 inches acrylic on canvas

This painting was commissioned as a gift for friendship and is destined for Malta. Using a mixture of styles and colours which work incredibly well together, the powerful symbol of hearts mixed with special words of affirmation make a great combination.

love art
heart painting
friendship art

"Durham Cathedral"
180x120cm acrylic on canvas

Commissioned by OutstandingArt Gallery in Durham for their opening. When asked to paint this work the gallery wasn't aware of my connections to the City. My Grandad was a Durham Miner and his brother sang in the cathedral choir. Mum was born in Durham and my Brother met his wife at Durham University where they studied together.... somewhat of a home coming for me as being born in Newcastle my spiritual roots are always in the North East.

Durham landscape painting
Cityscape painting

12x12 inches acrylic on canvas

This skiing painting was commissioned by a gallery for a client who had previously bought one of my pieces of cycling art. I used a Jackson Pollock style freedom of stroke to create the effect of ski tracks in the snow. The colourful skiers make this a lovely little colour splash for a wall.

Ski art
skiing painting
Sports art

"Silver Birch Autumn"
24x24 inches (61x61cm) acrylic on canvas

Commissioned to compliment a previously commissioned work in of Silver Birch in Spring, painted in a similar style.

Silver Birch painting
Floral painting

"Seans' London"
48x40 inches (122x101.5cm) acrylic ink on canvas

Commissioned as a retirement gift to himself this large London painting has everything:

The Shard, London Eye,Tower 42, Canary Wharf, Walki Talki, the Gherkin, Big Ben, Battersea Power Station, BT Tower, Westminster Abbey, Nelson's Column, St Brides, the OXO building, Shell Building, St Paul's School, St Paul's Cathedral, Billingsgate, Somerset House, London Assembly, Tower Bridge, The Guildhall.... and many more.

In addition by request there is a London Bus and a Taxi personalised as were the boat names.

These take a long time to complete using acrylic ink on canvas and I absolutely love creating them.

And Seans reaction: I want to thank you or the wonderful job you have done on my painting . I absolutely love it as does everyone that sees it, thank you so much.

London art

"Silver Birch Late Autumn"
12x12 inches (30.5x30.5cm) acrylic on canvas

Commissioned to compliment two previously bought paintings in a similar style and theme for a home in Wales

Floral art
Floral painting

12x12 inches (30.5x30.5cm) acrylic on canvas

Commissioned after a client had seen a previous work and wanted something similar for his home

Floral art
Floral painting

"London Peloton 40"
12x12 inches (30.5x30.5cm) acrylic on canvas

Commissioned as Birthday gift the client who commutes into London by bike wanted a combination of London and some abstract cyclists as he often finds himself in a large commuting peloton on his way to and from work.

cycling London art
Cycling London painting

12x18 inches acrylic on canvas

This one went down well, a painting for an anniversary gift from wife to husband of him running in the 2018 London Marathon. I worked from a low quality photographic image to create this.

anniversary gift
Marathon runner painting
Sports art

"Spring Blossom Magenta"
48x36 inches (120x911cm) acrylic on canvas

Based on an earlier work this was commissioned by a client in the USA who had seen a previous work and wanted a similar style and colours as the original. They are never exactly the same of course but always happy to recreate styles and match colours and size to your requirements.

large abstract floral art
Large floral painting

"Silver Birch Wood"
59x35 inches acrylic on canvas

The client sent me some swatches of fabric to work from to create one of my silver birch paintings in the right colour tones for her interior. Sized to exactly fit the space looks great to me and more importantly she loved it too.

Silver Birch art
Large Landscape painting
Tree art

"England Fields and trees"
40x40 inches (101x101cm) acrylic on canvas

Based on an earlier work this landscape painting was commissioned by an Englishman in New York, USA. A little reminder of our beautiful and unique countryside and the accompanying light. A reminder of home and our green and pleasant land. Now hanging in their Brooklyn appartment.

floral art
Large englsh landscape painting

40x30 inches acrylic on canvas

A large floral painting of beautiful magnolia flowers commissioned for a newly refurbished bathroom. The colours in this interior compliment this painting perfectly with burgundy and greys. I love the windows in this space. The painting was the finishing touch to their design, based on an earlier work I lightened the grey and sized it to fit perfectly.

floral art
Large flower painting

40x25 inches acrylic on canvas

Lovely to see my finished artwork in situ thanks to my client. A large painting of Caerphilly Castle in semi abstract style painted with lots of atmosphere, touches of greens and greys to match the interior and sized to fit the space. I popped in two Welsh Flags on request too.

Welsh art
Welsh art
Large Landscape painting

"London from Gabriel's Wharf"
60x30 inches acrylic on canvas

A large London Cityscape painting of one of my favourite views looking across the Thames from Gabriel's Wharf towards the City and St Paul's Cathedral. This one was for an apartment in Farringdon. Having taken the photo image I debated whether to use a little artistic license and remove the crane from in front of St Pauls's. I decided to leave it in as to me London is always changing and the cranes always indicate a vibrant working City. I always love to see them as it means the economy is doing well.

London art
Large London Cityscape painting

"Ocean Waves"
72x30 inches acrylic on canvas
60x44 inches acrylic on canvas

Two commissions both in Jackson Pollock style. Very large paintings deisgned for colour and size to fit their individual spaces perfectly

Abstract Art makes a great statement in a modern interior.

abstract splash art
London Underground painting
Ironman Art

Sports Commission - 8x10 inches

I was sent a pretty bad photograph to create this commission. Having worked on it in photoshop to improve the quality I was able to produce this image of and Ironman finishing his event. What a beautiful memory given to him on his significant birthday. Ironmen aren't supposed to cry..... the tears were there.

Commissioning an artist is a great way to make art work in your individual situaton perfectly. I'm always happy to create work to fit, whether it's colour size or style. Just give me a call or send me an email with your idea to start the process, it's as simple as that.

Floral Poppy painting

"Poppy Field"
Floral Paintng - 24x24 inches

Very happy to have been asked by an old school friend to create something beautiful for her kitchen. "I like poppies" she said... poppies it is then! An individual piece created to her size and colour requirements.

Commissioning an artist is a great way to make art work in your individual situaton perfectly. I'm always happy to create work to fit, whether it's colour size or style. Just give me a call or send me an email with your idea to start the process, it's as simple as that.

"White Wine with Friends"
18x26 inches acrylic on canvas

Created for a client to compliment a previously purchased work. This one based on white wine the previous based on champagne. Painted the same size and using similar tones so that they compliment each other in the same room. These always work well in any interior and are one of my favourite styles to paint.

Wine and art seem to go so well together.

abstract wine art
wine painting

"City Block Grey & Green"

Created for a client who had seen a similar work on my website and wanted the greens to match more closely the lime hues in her bathroom. Her Reaction - "Love Love Love!!!" - I think she liked it!

That is what commissioning art is all about, getting exactly what you want to match your individual space.

Cityscape art
cityscape painting
London image art

"BT Tower - red"
London Paintng - 7x15.75 inches

Very happy to create my BT Tower painting in a smaller size when asked by a gallery on behalf of one of their clients. They have a space in their kitchen which was too small for the original size. Now they have exactly what they want.

Commissioning an artist is a great way to make art work in your individual situaton perfectly. I'm always happy to create work to fit, whether it's colour size or style. Just give me a call or send me an email with your idea to start the process, it's as simple as that.

cityscape abstract art

"City Block in Yellow & Grey"
28x40 inches

Created for a client in New Jersey, USA this large absrtact cityscape was deisgned to fit their space perfectly. They had originally seen the smaller work (on the left) and specified the size and style to match their interior.

The whole process from initial discussion to delivery took just 10 days. A great way to creat art that is individual to you and to fit your design needs perfectly.

cityscape abstract art
red abstract wine art

"Red Wine with Lots of Friends"
Triptych - 3 panels each 24x40 inches

Created for a client in Australia this Triptych consists of 3 large paintings on canvas painted to hang beside each other to form a strong focal piece. A wonderful splash of colour and vibrancy. I was sent some colour swatches to work from to ensure that the red tones complimented the interior colours.


I was asked to create a painting for a hallway from an old faded photocopy of a photograph. The scene is of a building standing alone in it's original plot prior to the estate being built up. A gift for a lady who grew up and still lives in the house. Happy memories.

Photo realistic art
commissioned painting
Abstract floral art
large floral poppy painting

"Summer Poppies 34x26 inches"

This large floral work was commissioned as an 80th Birthday gift. Based on a previous work painted to the exact size specifications supplied by the client. Her Mother, who's birthday it is, recently lost her husband who's nickname was Poppy. Should be quite an emotional gift.

Abstract landscape art
large floral painting

"Purple Bloom 60x36 inches"

This large floral work replaced a previous painting, which was moved to another room, it bring a lighter feel and some more colour to this magnificent 1st floor landing and compliments some of the colours already existing in the space.

Abstract landscape art
large floral painting

"Ancient Oak 40x24 inches"

It's always great to see where my artwork ends up. This one went to a beautiful home in West Lothian, Scotland and compliments the space perfectly, replacing a painting that was too bright for the room. The tree is also a reminder for them of happy times spent living in Oxfordshire so has real significance for them.

Floral art
large floral painting

"April Meadow 60x36 inches"

A large floral painting, bringing light to an interior space. It took a couple of attempts to get this right. Several paintings and styles were tried. This was the one that worked best with the darker nature of the interior. The colours matching the tones in the room perfectly.

Landscape Painting
landscape art

"Cornfields 30x40 inches"

Working on a tight deadline, 4 days from initial discussion to delivery.

I created this for an interior designer for their client. They had seen a small work and wanted me to recreate the style and tones to match their interior design, as it needed framing too the timeline was very tight.

Happy to oblige and more importantly the client absolutely loved it.

Floral art
wine art

"Spring Blossom 48x40 inches"

My client had just moved into the house and inherited the wallpaper which proved a challenge with it's tight geometric pattern and grey tones. Together we discussed various styles of art and tried many against the background.

I nailed it with this large floral canvas with a little splash art blossom in grey and white tones. It softens the geometric pattern and compliments the tones perfectly, creating a beautiful focal point.

wine themed art
wine art

"White Wine with Friends"

Sometimes the house frames a painting. As you turn the corner and look through the door into a large kitchen area this painting draws you in and is perfectly framed by the door space.

The client wanted something fun, bright and colourful, and having taken a look on my website was drawn to this style. I created a paintng to fit the space perfectly and the colours contrast nicely with the neutral interior tones.

It really does make you want to go and take a closer look.

wine themed art
wine art
Birthday gif art

"Red wine with Friends 50 year old vintage"

Commissioned as a 50th birthday gift this wonderful piece lights up a dining space with real style which only a piece of original art can. Size colour and theme all created to fit the space perfectly.

Replacing a framed print the client was overjoyed at the end result, I was pretty pleased myself, this one works in the space superbly.

"Weathered Landscape" - 40x24 inches

Large landscape painting full of texture in monochromatic tones. A perfectly proportioned work for above a mantlepiece. Painted in tones to compliment the colours in the room. A painting full of atmosphere and texture largely in black, white and grey with a hint of yellow worked in.

A line of trees against a dark background reminds me of those ancient views that do not change and still exist today.

large landscape painting
black and white art landscape art
London Paintings

"30 paintings of London" - each 12x12 inches

I was given a month to create 30 London Paintings as corporate gifts for Wedgewood conference delegates.

I used repeated designs on different coloured backgrounds to create some wonderful iconic London pop art works. The buildings included, Battersea, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster. An interesting commission which I touroughly enjoyed, it's good to work under a tight deadline and I just love painting London.

I was pleased with the results as was the clients and I thing the delegates at their conference should count themselves lucky to be recieving an original piece of art as their corporate gift, something very special.

spring floral art

"Spring Blossom" - 28x28 inches

Large floral painting full of spring light and energy. A painting of some spring blossom depicting that time of year in early spring when winter is still present and the hedgerows suddenly spring to life with blossom. The client had seen an earlier artwork and loved the style. She chose a background colour and the size to fit her space perfectly.

spring floral art
spring floral art
Nude painting

"Come on...!" - 33x50 inches

A large figurative painting.

Commissioned by a client for a shower room. This was painted on demand to the client's size specifications.

A stunning piece of Pop Art representing a woman struggling to get her bra done up, or is it undone? It raises the possibilities of where she might be going or have come from, is she on her own or is someone else in the room with her?

Every painting tells a story this one has many endings.

spring floral art spring floral art
spring floral art

"Full of Flowers" - 60x36 inches

A client sent me a colour swatch of material to start this piece off and asked me to paint in the style of one of my large floral works. It wasn't much to work from but as you can see from the images the finished piece looked absolutely fabulous. The size, proportions, colour theme fitted her space perfectly.

spring floral art
spring floral art
spring floral art

"Line of Trees" - 30x30 inches

Large abstract painting of a line of trees commissioned for a client in Richmond. Bought by friends as a special birthday gift. I visited her and took some paintings she was interested in. After consultation I agreed to create something to fit her space based on an earlier work which she loved but which was too small. A painting full of texture with a hint of red added to match the interior design perfectly.

London painting

Westminster & Big Ben - 26x40 inches

A london Cityscape painting of Westminster painted in photo realistic popart style using one of my photo images of London.

Commissioned by a client who had seen an earlier painting and requested a similar piece with an ivory coloured sky. Great choice as this works brilliantly and gives the whole piece an old sepia photo feel.

cityscape painting

Abstract City No 16 - 9x12 inches

Commissioned by a client in Seattle, USA, for a small space in their kitchen. They chose the size colours and theme of this cityscape painting to match their existing artwork and interior colour scheme.

"I just received my painting and couldn't be more thrilled, It is absolutely perfect. It's almost as though you were here checking out my color scheme!"

spring floral art
spring floral art

"Spring Blossom" - 50x38 inches

Large abstract floral painting for a traditional home in Zurich, Switzerland.

Within the space there is a bread oven where the villagers used to bring their pots and bread to cook whilst working in the fields, picking it up later in the day. I matched the blue of the painting to the facia colour of this feature.

The client was very pleased. "Thank you so much for our Spring Blossom painting, it lights up our dining room and makes such a difference, everyone comments about it with glowing praise."

spring floral art

"The view from Tower Bridge" - 40x30 inches London commission

I was asked to create this London painting, the view from Tower Bridge including the London Assembly Building. My client had worked there for some time and was retiring and wanted a memory of an important element in her life.

A trip to London to take some photo images and working from these this was the resulting finished piece of art. Needless to say she was absolutely stunned, and very happy.

cornish beach art

"A Walk to the Beach" - 16x20 inches Father & Son commission

It's what we do with our children, we take them to the beach and have fun carrying them on our shoulders.

Working from the photograph on the left I was asked to create this painting of a Father carrying his Son on his shoulders down to a beach in Cornwall. Memories of a Happy day and childhood captured forever in this touching piece of art.

If you have a photo image you'd like me to work from I'm always happy to help create something special and individual for you.

spring floral art
spring floral art
spring floral art

"First Blossom of Spring" - 26x40 inches

Commissioned by a client to fit into a long tall space on their landing at their beautiful traditional cotswold home.

They had seen a similarly styled work and asked me to create a piece to fit exactly into their space. The vibrancy and theme of this work certainly worked well, and I matched the colours to compliment the existing interior design.

"Thank you for creating something unique and special for us, it lights up the top of the stairs beautifully."

spring floral art
spring floral art
spring floral art

"Ancient Landscape" - 36x36 inches

Commissioned through an interior design consultancy. The client had seen an earlier painting and wanted something similar in style but a little larger to fit their space more precisely.

We live in a landscape which still has many ancient features often highlighted with stands of trees and this modern piece was painted to reflect this connection with the past.

spring floral art
spring floral art
spring floral art

"Spring Blossom" - 60x40 inches

Large abstract spring floral painting commissioned through an interior art contultancy to be a centre piece in a country house hotel in the Cotswolds which is often used as a wedding venue. The client had seen an earlier painting and wanted something similar as a strong focal point for their venue."

cityscape art
cityscape art

"Abstract City No:15"
18x24 inches framed abstract cityscape painting

Commissioned by the client through a home stager in New York for his Manhattan Apartment. The client had seen a smaller work and wanted a similarly styled piece but larger to his exact size specifications in a silver frame. Always happy to oblige, this work was painted, framed and delivered in 7 days as they were on a tight schedule."

silver birch autumn painting silver birch painting

"Silver Birch in Autumn"
76x22 inches abstract painting

Commissioned by a client in Surrey. Creating this piece was all about complimenting a long thin space above a sofa in a lounge. Themed to reflect some silver birch trees outside in their garden, the autumn colours matched the interior perfectly.

I'm always happy to create art to suit your needs, if you have an idea or some images you want me to work from, I'll help you to personalise your art and create something special and unique for you.

seascape art

"Winter Sails" 63x16 inches seascape painting

Commissioned by a client in London. Having seen an earlier painting they asked me to create a similarly styled piece to her size specification to fit a long thin space. I'm always happy to create art to suit your needs, if you have an idea or some images you want me to work from, I'll help you to personalise your art and create something unique for you.

landscape painting landscape painting

"Vancouver Barn"
60x43 inches abstract painting

A painting commissioned for a client in Hong Kong who sent me an image from their vacation in Vancouver Canada, (original photo on the right).

As I began to construct this piece I realised how challenging it would be. Getting the browns right tonally and working in such detail especially reaching into the middle of a large painting wasn't easy but the result was certainly worth it. I am please that many have commented that the painting is better than the original photo image.

Remembrance painting

"Remembrance" 47x39 inches landscape painting

In 2012 a client asked me if I would create a painting which would sum up the act of remembrance. They wanted a piece of art to donate to the Jewish Military Museum which was moving to a new site. I presented my finished painting in London, to Lord Sterling, in front of an audience of AJEX members - The Association of Jewish Ex Servicemen.

It was a great pleasure to be able to create something which encompasses the act of remembrance, a painting packed with narrative and a substantial amount of emotion. It was equally pleasing to recieve high praise from the members, many of whom have served their country in times of conflict.

large green landscape painting

"New Day Dawns"
30x20 inches landscape painting

Commissioned by a client in Salt Lake City, USA. They had seen an earlier painting which had been sold and asked me to create a similarly styled piece to their size specification to fit the space and compliment an earlier work which they had purchased.

I was happy to provide them with this wonderful large green landscape. Transient light at dawn when individual features such as trees are just emerging in morning light. A paintnig full of light and tranquility.

seascape art

"Sails Across the Horizon" 48x12 inches seascape painting

Commissioned by a client in Baltimore, USA. She had seen an earlier painting which was sold and asked me to create a similarly styled piece to her size specification to fit a long thin space.

London commissioned painting London painting

"Eliza & Betty went for a walk" 50x30 inches

Commissioned painting of two girls, going for a walk on Parliament Hill London. The client supplied me with a photo their children holding hands which was lovely. We agreed that showing the view from Parliament Hill across the London cityscape was important to this piece. Using photoshop I combined one of my images of this superb view with their original photo to create this beautiful painting.

I then painted it using a simple style with limited tones to create something that would match their space tonaly. I'm always happy to create art to suit your needs, if you have an idea or some images you want me to work from, I'll help you to personalise your art and create something special and unique for you.

abstract action art painting
abstract action art painting

"Autumn Mosaic I & II"
20x20 inches abstract painting

Commissioned to compliment one of my earlier pieces of art this abstract painting is full of texture and the vibrant colours of autumn. Now hanging in the USA. The technique looks random and and easy to achieve, however these take quite a bit of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers.

abstract painting

"Untitled" 36x24 inches
abstract landscape painting on canvas

Left untitled for the client to choose a name, this piece was a combination of two images sent by the client with a little of Simon style added. Full of texture, an earthy organic abstract landscape matched perfectly to their existing interior design. Now hanging in Connecticut USA.

seascape painting

"Pastel Meadow" & "Sailing by Southern Shore"

For these two commissions my client had seen two of my earlier works. They liked the; theme & style and asked me to create two larger similar works to their size requirements to fit the space available to them in their home.

New York painting

"New York"
40x30 large New York cityscape painting. In blue tones as requested by the client to compliment interior design.

London painting

"St Paul's Cathedral"
48x30 large london cityscape painting. Now hanging in an apartment in the Barbican London over looking St Pauls Cathedral.

landscape painting

"Brown Landscape"
6x6 Landscape Painting, a small work to compliment a painting bought earlier in the year. Not every commission is large.

London painting

"London Skyline"
60x24 inches - London Skyline Cityscape painting completed for a commission delivered to Zurich, Switzerland. To say there is a lot of London in it is an understatement! The landmarks and buildings of the London cityscape are fairly well covered in this painting, with some personal touches too.

Nat West Tower - Big Ben & Westminster - The Gherkin - Heron Tower - Eros - London Eye - Greenwich Observatory - London Bus - London Black Cab - Post Box - Telephone Box - Thames Barge - A Rower - St Paul's Cathedral - The Shard - Westminster Abbey - London Assembly Building - Battersea Power Station - Tower Bridge - The Millennium Dome - Guys Hospital - Tower Bridge - Canary Wharf - The Tower of London - GPO Tower - Nelson's Column - The OXO Building

I was really pleased with the results, some paintings work better than others and the composition and colours tones in this worked really well. It took a long time to complete but was worth every hour spent on it.... and the client's reaction.... "Over the Moon" was the phrase used which is even more pleasing.

Landscape painting

"Red Landscape"
40x30 red abstract seascape painting

How Long to Commission a Painting?.... In this instance over 10 years! My client had seen some of my abstract paintings at an exhibition over ten years ago and had promised that when she bought her first home she would treat herself to a piece my art. Sure enough having got on the property ladder this year she found me via google, we exchanged a few emails to discuss size, style and colour and 2 weeks later she has fulfilled her promise to herself.

This large red abstract painting now adorns the walls of her new home, and she is over the moon with it. Some promises are definitely worth keeping. Each painting tells it's own individual story and in this case it's a long one.

London painting

"London from Gabriel's Wharf"
60x22 inches - commissioned for a board room for a shipping firm in the City of London. One of my favourite views of St Pauls and the City of London from the Southbank of the Thames. Painted in a tonal photo realistic style to compliment their corporate colours.

New York painting

"Tower Bridge"
36x24 A view of London and Tower Bridge from the Thames commissioned as a retirement gift, using one of my London Photo images as a reference.

London painting

Marathon 20x20 - commissioned as a gift for someone who completed their first London Marathon in 2005. The numbers represent their original runner number, time and placings.

landscape painting

"Baker's Field"
30x30 a commissioned floral painting as a moving gift to a family who's surname was Baker, a field of white tulips, their favourite flower.

large green landscape painting

"Old Harry Rocks"
24x36 inches seascape painting

I quite often work from phtography and this image of the Dorset coast I took specifically for the purpose of creating this work. Produced for a client who lives very near to this view, a centerpiece for their hallway in a tonal photorealistic style.

large green landscape painting

"Alpine View"
30x40 inches alpine painting

I worked from an image provided by the client to produce this stunning mountain painting. A lounge center piece commissioned as a wedding gift for a couple who's holiday home is near to this ski slope, this is their favourite view. If you would like to commission your own view in this style send me an email or give me a call to discuss all you need is an image & I'll do the rest.

Seascape painting

"Bamburgh Castle"
40x26 - A lounge center piece showing Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, a special place with happy memories for two people.

Seascape painting

"Suffolk Dawn"
40x26 - A lounge center piece seascape painting for a cottage by the sea in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

Seascape painting

"Chanory Point"
18x18 - Style and size chosen by the client to suit their individual needs.

Chinese good fortune painting

"Double Happiness"
Not every commission is a large painting, this 8x8 inch chinese good fortune tablet was commissioned for a platinum anniversary.

Seascape painting

"Coffee and Flowers"
26x26 inches - commissioned for a kitchen space to compliment a colour scheme and fit the clients space perfectly.

Floral painting

20x20 commissioned as a Birthday & House Warming Gift to a special friend.

Red landscape painting

"Cumbrian Sunset"
36x38 working from a photo provided by the client this was painted for a lounge overlooking the Solway Firth.

Seascape painting

48x56 inches large seascape painting commissioned by a Olympic yachtswoman for a galleried dining area.

Landscape painting

"Hopeful Dawn"
24x36 inches x 2 Matched pair of contemporary landscapes rich in texture. Bought as a wedding gift, theme, style & colours chosen by the Happy Couple.

English Landscape art

"Nine Spires"
48x30 inches large landscape painting commissioned as a centrepiece for an entrance hall. She wanted England and lots of Spires. I gave her nine.. and I don't think she's found them all!...yet!

large floral painting

"White Bouquet"
40x26 inches large floral painting, a field of white flowers, commissioned as a lounge centerpiece. Once installed it really brought the room to life.

London Landscape art

"Dawn on Primrose Hill"
40x22 part of a series series of London paintings for a client with an apartment on Primrose Hill.

London Landscape art

"London Dawn"
26x18 part of a series series of London paintings for a client with an apartment on Primrose Hill.

London Landscape art

"London from Primrose Hill"
40x22 part of a series series of London paintings for a client with an apartment on Primrose Hill.

large green landscape painting

"New Beginning"
15x20 inches x 4 set of four large landscape paintings

A beautiful set of 4 matched landscape paintings commissioned for a sitting room. The view is from the Southdowns at sunset, in rich brown warm tones, this piece was a stunning focal point in a modern apartment bringing a sense of peace and tranquility.

wine art

"Cheese & Wine Party"
36x24 commissioned painting for a kitchen dining area with wine cheese chocolates and everything nice.

wine art

"3 bottles of claret, 2 glasses... no problem!"
24x24 inches art with a touch of humour and fun, commissioned painting for a kitchen dining area.

Wine art

"After Dinner Heaven"
36x24 inches art with a touch of humour and fun, commissioned painting for a kitchen dining area.

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