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6 th March 1962 - 18th April 2023

Simon Fairless Splash art

Thank you for visiting this site and here is an update on the artist SIMON FAIRLESS.

After 26 years as a professional artist leaving an abundant and prolific body of works with clients worldwide Simon sadly passed away this year from an unexpected medical incident. 

His original works, prints, images and cards are now under the administration and representation of his family who are working to sell released remaining originals, continuing licensing requests and eventually restructuring this site and other selling sites to continue his prints and card sales so that his name will remain at the forefront of contemporary artists in the UK.

The same care and personal attention to clients purchasing his works from this site remain in place. And do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any purchase enquiries via our Contact & Info page.

Simon would have been delighted to see his works still selling continuously.

international art sales by Simon Fairless

International Sales

Around 50% of my work is sold internationally. I regularly have my art delivered across the globe.

Delivery to the USA usually takes around 3 days and 5-7 to Asia and Australasia everything is packaged carefully and fully tracked.

artist at work

It's all in the detail

I place a lot of emphasis on finishing my works so that they are ready to hang in your home, will look great and last.

I use the best canvas, high quality paints and pigments and varnish everything at least twice. All paintings are finished around the sides so if you choose not to frame they will still look great. Finally I make bespoke packaging for each piece to ensure it arrives safely to your door. These are things most wouldn't notice but important to someone who realises art is special and a luxury that should stand the test of time.

London Painting

It's Messy & Fun

Jackson Pollock's technique looks random & easy to achieve, however, it takes a lot of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers, you also need a lot of space in your studio to work around the horizontal canvas. It's very messy but a whole lot of fun too.

cycling Painting

Cycling Art

I love cycling and always try to keep some cycling paintings in stock. You'll find them in my pop art section and the make great gifts for those who love to ride.

Flower and floral paintings art direct from the artist

"Gallery Walls"

I Love these gallery walls. Choose a theme, flowers, pop art, abstract, love, or mix them up, it can be as random as you like. A gallery wall creates a really powerful colour splash and point of interest. A mixture of colours, textures and sizes. There are no rules. It's a great way to start an original art collection and gradually build something totally unique to you.

Art to Inspire
It's a chaotic world. Constantly bombarded with news media doom and gloom, covid, cost of living, the list is endless. Inspite of this art still has the ability to inspire and nourish our souls, each painting is a little island of peace and thoughtfulness, something, no matter how large or small, that can refresh and engage our imagination. Thanks for taking an interest in my art if it brings you pleasure, no matter how fleeting, I have been successful.

Simon Fairless Splash art
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