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Love text Painting
text Painting
Bible text Painting

Sometimes a toaster doesn't quite do it!

So you're looking at the wedding list and you think it is too much of a cliche to buy them a toaster. You're looking for something unique and original to show you really care. Some of my most popular works have been my text paintings. These make fantastic wedding or anniversary gifts for those special occasions. In addition to having a deep meaning they are a sharp contemporary focal point for any living space.

Words from 1 Corinthians 13, a poem about love in a relationship and words which sum up the purity of true love can make a truely memorable gift. Some people have chosen to include their own words, a name, date or poem to make it an extra special gift. If you would like to personalise your painting just give me a call to discuss colour or content, I'm always happy to help you create something individual and unique.

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