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About the Artist Simon Fairless

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I Live and work as a full time artist in Windsor. I sell my art through this website, which I write and maintain myself. This is simply the best place to buy my art, there are no additional gallery commissions to pay, you'll find a larger collection of my art here than anywhere else, this is art direct from me - the artist.

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My early works were in the popart style, which I love, including large bold floral works. I still paint these and I have expanded my portfolio into other areas of art giving my art a wide range of styles and themes, these include contemporary land and seascapes and abstract paintings.

Some of my other main themes have been: London, Floral, Sailing, Popart, Wine and cityscapes. The point is if I try to paint things that appeal to my sense of fun or make me happy the chances are I'm going to be a happy artist and produce great work.

Image of Simon Fairless

Much my work is done on a commission basis and not shown as it's private, there are some examples on my commissions page. I'm always happy to create art that's personal and individual to you for your unique space. Commissioning a work of art is simple, it costs no extra and gives you the opportunity match your design needs perfectly. Send me an email or give me a call to discuss size, style colour and theme.

Image of Simon Fairless

That's it really, I try to paint every day, I sell all my art online, write my own website and try to be happy. I keep it as simple as possible to enable me to just get on with the thing I like best.... painting. I hope you enjoy the results.

Jackson Pollock inspired Paintings

Why buy my art?

You like it... this is probably the single most important reason and the place to start when thinking about purchasing any kind of art.

You can afford it... I cover a wide range of price points with my art from small gifts to larger works. Buying original art direct from the artist means there is no additional gallery commissions to pay unlike other online or high street galleries who may charge up to 50% extra. This is art at artist prices.

Quality... all of my art is finished to an extremely high standard, I put a lot of effort into finishing my pieces of art ready to hang in your home. It starts with the raw materials, I don't use ready made canvases, they're usually poor quality and by making my own I can create bespoke sizes to suit your individual needs. These are artworks that look great and will last.

Unique Style... if you're looking for something individual to fit into your lifestyle and space, I'm more than happy to help you achieve this... I often complete pieces to fit individual needs in terms of colour, style or size. Commissioning a piece of art from me is just a matter of giving me a call to discuss your needs and aims, I'll help you through the process or creating a piece of art unique to your living space.

The WOW factor... original art achieves what mass produced art just can't do, when a friend walks into your home your art is a reflection on you... It's unlikely you'll achieve that XFactor and individuality with a mass produced print from the High Street. When you buy an original work you are expressing your individuality.

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The COOL factor... Let's face whimsical "Keep Calm" prints or bare wall space just doesn't cut it in the style stakes. If you want to express your true personality and and impress those around you you're going to need some original art. Buying original art is a unique way of showing you have individual taste, real style and a soul, individuality never goes out of fashion...
How cool is that?

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